I am Jess…

… and this is my partner Oli. I am a proud Seattlite and he is from bang in the middle of the UK. Last summer we met on a polar bear expedition in the Arctic and became fast friends. We managed to stay in touch and within a few months had become very close. By the time November rolled around, he had convinced me to quit my job and embark on a worldwide bucket list trip together. 

Fast forward 5 months – on the beaches of Vietnam in early March when the Covid19 Pandemic was sweeping the world, we were debating whether to hunker down where we were or find somewhere we could both live for a while. After googling the best place to sit out a zombie apocalypse….you know just in case… and New Zealand coming out on top, the decision was made.

Luckily, we had applied for year long work visas and had been accepted months ago. Our original plan was to show up in October of 2020 and travel around both islands for a year to see if we liked anywhere enough to set up some roots. 

Now we are living in New Zealand and in our rooftop tent. Though our bucket list trip is on pause, we feel so grateful to be able to travel around the islands of New Zealand. This blog is a journal of sorts, to share our stories with friends and family back home. Though it’s most likely just our parents reading (hi guys! 🙂 ) it is also a place for us to revisit all the incredible experiences we have along the way. If you have found yourself here by accident, I hope to inspire you in some way, or give you a chuckle to two.