Capturing the perfect shot that can transport me back to a memory or convinces you that you could step right into the photo has turned from hobby to passion to something I can now no longer control. Anyone who knows me knows that my Canon is usually attached to my right hand, though I do my best to also be in the moment.

Experiencing the moment is even more important to me than capturing the perfect shot, as much as I love the art. I am a firm believer that a moment felt is better than any photo could ever be. Traveling and exploring is the point, the photo is the bonus. That being said, I do love taking photos and that is all a part of the experience for me, and any sacrifice made along the way is worth it if I get the perfect shot on top of being a part of the moment.

Sacrificing is all a part of the art, my partner just gets drug along because he loves me. I sacrifice time including sleep, the many hours of editing and re-editing, the organizing, the planning the right light. I sacrifice comfort, like sitting out in the freezing cold for hours trying to get the perfect star shot, or waiting patiently while an animal gets the nerve to take a closer peek while my feet fall asleep under me, like having perpetually frozen fingers because some of my favorite places to photograph are typically covered in snow. The sacrifice only makes it sweeter to me and I feel very proud of my collection of photos. Feel free to check out my photography website or some of my galleries below.