The Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival & our final days in Tokyo

Sadly this post is short and bitter. In true Joli Murphy fashion they cancelled the festival right before we arrived. We thought strolling near the river with the smell of sweet cherry blossoms was still going to be perfect….

…but of course the night we arrived in Kawazu a massive wind storm blew in… and blew all the cherry blossoms away. Those are google photos for dramatic effect.

The one saving grace was that we stayed in one of my all time favorite airbnbs, a tiny home that has inspired me to build my own. With the festival cancelled and no blossoms to smell, we felt a little sorry for ourselves. We could have tried to explore the region, but from a long stretch of everything going wrong we were feeling defeated and very unmotivated to see what else Kawazu had to offer.

Being a bit ironic and trying to find some humor, we bought some Corona’s and headed to the beach that was a short walk from our accommodation. It was beautiful and we did happen upon on frog who’s face looked how we felt. We did little else and tried to make the best enjoying spring by laying in the hammock and reading in the grass. Heading to Toyko with no real plan, since making plans really had not been in our favor, ended up being just the right plans to make.

With little time left to explore we headed to our apartment in Tokyo. We wandered the market streets, played with tiny pigs, got all our last minute unique eats in, and even caught a burlesque show. We put little effort into Tokyo, but that city is so easy to explore and have a fun time in that even though we were disappointed with the way the trip had ended, we had a nice time. Heading to Vietnam and towards our Son Doong cave expedition felt even more exciting.