Bungee Jumping Queenstown’s AJ Hackett Bridge (+gallery & vlog)

Pretty much as soon as, like literally the day Queenstown went to Level 2, we went bungee jumping. Bungee Jumping had been on my bucket list since the first one I ever made when I watched the namesake movie.

The godfather of bungee jumping, Aj Hackett left a mark on New Zealand. Even though technically the first bungee jump was done in Bristol, England – New Zealand is known as the home of the extreme sport. Queenstown alone has three different options.

Jumping over the same turquoise river featured in Lord of the Rings felt like the most New Zealand thing I could do. I loved the thrill so we quickly booked the second location on the ledge over looking Queenstown. Words do nothing here – so I’ll just let the pictures and videos do the talking for themselves.

AJ Hackett Bridge