Swimming with Hector’s Dolphins in Akaroa, New Zealand (+video)

Some experiences I struggle to put words to so I make a video instead. I love to relive trips this way, moments, and bucket list experiences. Swimming with wild dolphins in Akaroa was one of those experiences.

We booked our trip with Black Cat Cruises, as they came highly recommended by every travel blogger that has done this and they were amazing. They do not feed the animals or chase them, if they see a pod they approach slowly and see how friendly and curious they are being toward our boat.

The first pod we came across wasn’t very interested and were hunting for fish so we left them alone. Our second pod was much more interested in us and hung out with the the entire time we were allowed in the water. Since the water was 10 degrees we are only allowed to stay in for 45 minutes and they hung out the entire time!

It was sunny, the setting was incredible, and our hearts were happy to check this one off the bucket list.