Shipwrecked! A story of 4 souls, 3 stages, 2 vehicles, and 1 weekend of festival on the only covid free island

I felt a little guilty. The world was closed, Covid was running rampant in most countries besides NZ, and here we were going to a music festival. New Zealand had closed their borders quickly and shut the entire country into lockdown when they had only 12 cases and no deaths. One of my favorite quotes from Auntie Cindy – the prime minister of NZ, was that in order to be successful in situations like these, you have to be willing to look like you’re overreacting.

Well turns out she nailed it and 8 weeks into full lockdown the country had eradicated covid in the community and was ready to begin re-opening. Fast forward 11 months – barring a few small outbreaks in the big cities – the community was covid free, and we found ourselves headed to Shipwrecked Music Festival.

The festival is set on a lake and grasslands and though it’s smaller than the scene in Washington they did a fabulous job at building a Shipwrecked atmosphere. They had built ships on land as stages, a stage on the lake and a beautiful lake performance, there were interactive art pieces, food trucks, booths and of course music.

We spent the weekend lazing on the lake, dancing pretty much whenever on foot, and did our best to enjoy as much as we could, because we knew we were lucky to be there.