A Dirty 30 Birthday Scavenger Hunt Through Mount Maunganui and the Coromandel Peninsula

Oli spent his golden birthday (29th on the 29th of March) in quarantine and lockdown. Though I made him a banoffee pie from scratch and hung cherry blossoms from the ceiling for a picnic under the blossoms, I knew it was still a bummer of a birthday.

So for his 30th, I mayyyyyyy have gone a little overboard. 🙂

I spent weeks planning and conspiring with local businesses and all his favorite people back home. I wrote him a beautiful poem from the heart, that each of his favorite people read to him on facetimes each layer of which came with a clue to find the next clue. It went a little something like this.

Oh also I documented the whole thing to my instagram story and uploaded it to youtube so we can enjoy the mockery forever.

Love you Olibobs!