New Zealand Lockdown – A Throwback Memory

Three years ago, on March 19, 2020 we landed in Christchurch, New Zealand with a year long visa – planning to sit it out until “covid blew over.” We landed with 22 hours to spare, and they closed the border right behind us. Our two week traveler’s quarantine was extended by four more weeks of total lock down in New Zealand.

Borders were shut, as were businesses. We had no car, but managed to snag two bikes the day before lockdown and all in all we were lucky to be living in Governor’s Bay. We had to bike 22km to get groceries but living out of the city meant we were also allowed to hike right out our backdoor and not see another living soul.

Our little apartment overlooked Governor’s Bay, long slow mornings were spent cherishing a cup of coffee overlooking sunrise and the water and evening meals enjoyed over sunset and a glass of wine. Everything was an unknown at that point. What the hell was going on in the world, if the world would ever open again, and what our lives were going to look like. Some days were beautiful and some days were hard, looking back three years later I would say we were really really lucky.

Governor’s Bay Lockdown Gallery