Bangkok With My Bestie (+vlog)

My best friend is from Canada and her now husband is from Australia, so to make it fair for everyone they decided to get married in Thailand. A rivalry in gymnastics turned into a best friendship full of shenanigans for the better part of almost 20 years now, so naturally we had to have some time just the two of us before they tied the knot.

When deciding where in Thailand we wanted to cause a ruckus, everyone told us to skip Bangkok but both of us thought it sounded like way too much fun to skip and I am glad we ignored their “advice” because Bangkok was banging…. I couldn’t resist and I am not sorry.

Bangkok is such a vibrant city full of bright colors, so much good food, and so many amazing sights to see. We also happened to be in town during the coronation of the new king so flowers filled the streets as did celebrations.

Typically backpackers stay on Khao San Road, but since we are getting older and much wiser we booked a couple blocks away on Rambuttri Road and I honestly cannot recommend it enough. The vibe is more local music than dance clubs, the lounges are comfy rather than flashy, and the pace is more relaxed. We did pop over to Khao San for a night and realized we have actually grown up a bit and wanted quieter crowds and mellow fun.

We came, we barely slept because of jet lag not parrying, we ate a LOT of pad thai, and we bestied in Bangkok.